Impex Global’s wide array of film can be found in numerous applications.

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Flexible Packaging
Impex Global and our industry-leading supply partners provide the widest range of quality flexible packaging films in coated, laminated, and metallized films to meet your most challenging application needs in almost every sector.
Impex Global offers an assortment of ready-to-use industrial films. They are specially engineered for performance and carry numerous technical certifications and functional properties, from thermal, chemical, mechanical, and dimensional stability to high solvent resistance and adherable coatings.
Graphics & Printing
Impex Global’s huge selection of plastic film and sheet materials for the graphics and printing market is manufactured to meet the highest standards of today’s commercial printing industry.
We provide film varieties specifically designed to address the electrical and electronic industries’ unique demands.
Our medical-grade plastic films meet the healthcare industry’s most stringent requirements and have been painstakingly designed with patient and professional safety in mind.
Custom Orders

Whatever your specific product needs, our professional team and extensive inventory have you covered.

Warehouse Locations

With local warehouses and converting capabilities throughout North America, we can provide products on time to meet customer requirements.

Impex Datasheet Library

Download datasheets for select films, featuring product descriptions, characteristics, and technical information.

Converting/ Slitting

We specialize in precision converting your film to the exact specifications that your application demands. Looking for custom converting?