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Polyester Films (PET)
In comparison with other plastic films, polyester film is characterized by high-tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, and low moisture absorption.
Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP)
BOPP has been developed in the last 35 years and is now widely used in place of cellophane, waxed papers, and aluminum foil.
Cast Polypropylene Films (CPP)
CPP has been steadily gaining favor as the material of choice in traditional flexible packaging applications as well as non-packaging applications.
PVDC Films
This coating increases the barrier properties of the film, reducing the permeability of the film to oxygen and flavors, and extending the shelf life of the food inside the package.
Biaxially Oriented Nylon (BOPA or BON)
Biaxially Oriented Nylon Film (BOPA), has excellent characteristics and can be used for a variety of high-grade packaging, especially perishable foods, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, agricultural products, medical supplies, and electronic products.
Holographic Films are used extensively across the industry to provide not only excellent packaging for numerous applications but also increased visual appeal.
Synthetic Paper
Our Synthetic Paper products have the appearance and printing capabilities of regular paper but with the resilience and durability of plastic.
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