Cast Polypropylene Films (CPP)


CPP Films

Product US Technical Data Sheet International Technical Data Sheet
VCPP Aluminum Metallized CPP Film (Details) Download Download
TCP - Twist CPP Films (Details) Download Download
RCP - Unoriented Cast Polypropylene Films for Retort (Details) Download Download
MCP - Unoriented Cast Polyproplene films for Metallization (Details) Download Download
Lamination Grade CPP film - THT (Details) Download Download
Clear and Metallized CPP (Details) Download Download
CCP - Unoriented Cast PP Film for General Application Download Download

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Product US Technical Data Sheet International Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (Details) Download Download

Vacuum Aluminum Metallized CPP Film

Aluminum Vapor is deposited on the Clear CPP film to enhance the barrier requirements.

CPP Twist Film - TCP

Perfect twist and stiffness property, good transparency and gloss, strong metallized layer adhesion, good humidity resistance, recyclable.

This kind of film can be used directly or after aluminium deposition as twist package for food package such as candles with the distinguished visual aesthetic and decorative effect. They can partially replace PVC twist film for environment friendly purpose and low cost.

Retort Grade CPP Films

Clear Sealable CPP film, which can be used for Retort applications.

Metallizable Grade CPP Films

Clear film which has a metallizable surface, so that the film can easily adhere to alumium vapor.

Lamination Grade CPP Film

One side treated and one/two side heat sealable transparent co-extruded Cast Polypropylene film designed for lamination and then for pouching.

Clear and Metallized CPP

Cast polypropylene film for general application.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets for Cast Polypropylene Film (CPP Films).