Money Is No Option


At the money. An option is at the money (ATM) if the strike price is the same as the current spot price of the underlying security. An at-the-money option has no intrinsic value, only time value. For example, with an "at the money" call stock option, the current share price and strike price are the same.

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If something isn’t an option, then it means that they don’t have it. If they were to say "money is of no concern", then they have enough to cover whatever the costs are.

money is no option. The expression "money is no object" means that cost is no obstacle: you’re willing to pay whatever is required to get what you want. People who don’t understand this unusual meaning of "object" often substitute "option," saying "money is no option," which makes no sense at all. Categorized.

It’s a serious drug that not everyone can take, and if you live in the US like a lot of this sub will depend heavily on your insurance. Could be 50 dollars or 4 grand! teehee. good thing money is no object! If it were up to me, everyone would take Accutane at 14 so none of us would ever have to feel like ugly pores.

If money really is no object: Stay at one of the handful of overwater bungalows or the 1,930-square foot Presidential Suite at the Le Meridian Tahiti (rates run about $850 a night), a five-star.

Both programs are unsustainable without major changes no one wants to make. The money is simply not there. As it stands, the retirement income and medical benefits millions think they already paid for.

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He tried a bunch of money-making options until he hit the jackpot with e-commerce. This is simply an easy, low-cost (actually no cost) approach to setting up a side-hustle. Something to get the.

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