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Commercial Real Estate: Gross Vs. Triple Net Leases Office space calculator. Deciding on new business premises is never easy, but our new commercial space calculator aims to help take some of the hassle out of the process. The tool aims to help assess the square footage needed by a company to accommodate all of their requirements – from staff to dedicated computer server rooms.

A sublease is a type of lease where the original lessee assigns the rights of a lease to third party known as the sublessee or subtenant. Typically when renting office space, the price comes per square foot of office space. Prices expressed this way are useful for comparing commercial office space.

Annual quote: A 2,200 square foot office space is quoted rent of $11.50 per square foot. This works out to 2,200 X $11.50 = $25,300 per year for rent. Monthly quote: Working with the same building and rent for a monthly amount works out to the annual quote of $25,300 divided by 12 months for a monthly rental amount of $2,108.33.

Our office space calculator is a brilliant tool that allows you to undertake a preliminary assessment of your office space needs. It is not a substitute for requesting an Office Principles consultant to attend your offices and provide professional advice on your requirements (without any obligation).

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A real estate source says location matters valuewise, and this is even more so in respect of parking spaces than with other.

Indirect Indirect expenses are those paid for running your home which can be deducted based on the percentage of the home used for business (see "Calculating Your Home Office Space Deduction"). Typical indirect expenses include rent/mortgage interest, utilities, insurance, and general home repairs.

Our office space calculator makes it easy to determine how much space you need. View recommended spaces and seamlessly manage your office space search using the SquareFoot platform.

"You know, we have some vacancy in our office and in our retail (units), but our residential is full, and the rental rates.

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A simple office space calculator. This tool will help with budgeting for an office space in Malta. It helps you filter out which location suits your budget and size requirements. Please note: Final results are only an approximate indication and may vary from office to office.

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